Why is organic better?

Organic farming is so much healthier for us and the planet because:

  1. Organic cotton doesn't use any pesticides (aka chemicals) that are sprayed all over cotton plants so that other bugs or insects wont "destroy" the crop. Every year they must increase the amount of pesticide levels used due to the fact that the soil becomes more and more resistant to these chemicals every year. 
  2. Farm workers who must come in contact with these crops are the ones most negatively affected by these chemicals. Pesticides have knows negative side effects like: cancer, birth defects and other detrimental health issues. 
  3. Organic farming uses less water than conventional cotton crops.
  4. Organic farming is a more sustainable option and healthier for our eco-systems.
  5. Organic farming sets the stage for regenerative farming which means we can make sure we are taking care of Earth's soil to ensure we are able to keep farming for our future generations. 
  6.  Organic farming keeps nasty chemicals out of our food and products. 

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